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Larry Holmes CEO

A Welcome Message from the CEO at Columbia Consulting Group!

For companies coming to our website, you should know that at Columbia Consulting Group, our goal is to complete our searches efficiently, swiftly, and successfully. Our understanding of corporate objectives and our ability to work in close collaboration with our clients, enables our firm to achieve these goals. We are a relationship oriented organization that strives to meet our prospective and existing client’s talent needs with the best possible candidate.

As a company, evaluating a search firm for the first time or being a user wanting to have alternative recruitment resource, we believe that the quality “up front” time spent on a needed recruitment project creates an environment of collaboration in the execution of the search. When reviewing our website we believe that some of the key elements of our services will direct you to some of the following:

Defining your business challenge by communicating, sharing and identifying the unique priorities, challenges, and opportunities that characterize your company’s search assignment is the key to the start of the process.

Jointly establishing benchmarks creates targets and responsibilities for both parties involved with the search. Creating accountability for ourselves is critical to the success of a search.  Evaluating the progress of any project on a regular basis keeps our client/partner in the communications loop on a continuing basis.

Maintaining flexibility with search strategies permits our clients to initiate changes and solutions before problems occur, to keep searches on course.

We welcome the opportunity to explore with you the talent and business challenges to see if we can be of value to your organization. Again, welcome to the website and we hope you find it of value.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to call anyone on our team



To achieve a strong match between a client’s needs and a candidate’s qualifications, Columbia Consulting Group works on a retainer basis, designed to compensate the firm for its services over the duration of the search assignment. All costs for search and implementation are outlined at the initiation of the assignment.

This method allows us to invest in necessary research, and maintain independence of thought and action to concentrate on the critical issue—finding the best candidate for our clients. The recruitment endeavor is a partnership enabling us to become an extension of our client’s organization.

If you have never used a retained executive search firm and/or a contingency recruitment firm, the Retained vs a Contingency Firm article clarifies some of the differences for a better understanding of the two services. We believe that retain firms are more consultative and personally involved with the client and candidates and can function as a dedicated resource in the marketplace for our clients.

To further define and clarify the important executive or professional needs within your organization or the use of a retained search firm, the following may be of interest:

  • Our Search Methodology is a very simple systematic approach from start to finish on the execution of a search. Below in the Search Process graphic there are more specific details outlined for discussion purposes.
  • Our Search Schedule reviews a typical timeline for the various phases of conducting a search so that client’s expectations are realized throughout the search process.
  • Our Search Process is a graphic that reviews in detail the specific responsibilities and activities throughout the various phases of a search.
  • Practice Areas, Assignments Completed and Clients Served section is an overview of the industries or sectors where we primarily conduct our searches with a representative list of assignments completed and clients served. Specialization is important but it is the search process but it is the ability of the consultant utilize the process to motivate the top 10% of the marketplace talent to explore client’s opportunity.
  • The Search Committee Agenda is a tactical four step approach to effectively recruit the ideal talent for a client’s need. Defining the organization and role is crucial, coupled with the compensation package for the opportunity and developing the ideal “fit” parameters.
  • The Position Information Form (PIF) is a question outline of the key parameters and competencies of the position, company, targeted companies, etc. Most of the questions on this piece are what the prospective candidates ask us in an interview and if a candidate, eventually you.
  • The Compensation, Perquisites, and Benefits Review Form is an outline that can be utilized to define the client’s financial parameters for the role and can also be used to gather what the potential candidates package is currently.