Practice Areas & Clients Served

We are a generalist search firm, with extensive recruitment expertise in the following industries:

To further define and clarify the important executive or professional needs within your organization or the use of a retained search firm, the following may be of value:

The Search Committee Agenda is a tactical four step approach to effectively recruit the ideal talent for a client’s need. Defining the organization and role is crucial, coupled with the compensation package for the opportunity and developing the ideal “fit” parameters.

The Position Information Form (PIF) is the outline of what are the key parameters of the position, company, targeted companies, etc.

The Compensation, Perquisites, and Benefits Review Form is an outline that can be utilized to define the client’s financial parameters for the role and can also be used to gather what the potential candidates package is currently.

Since we are a retained executive search firm, we find it helpful to compare the difference between a traditional retained vs a contingency firm or employment agency. There is a place for both firms in the marketplace however the general difference is usually in the consultative approach with a client.

Practice Areas

Even though we are a generalist search firm, the following industry practice areas are where we have extensive recruitment expertise.

Clients Served


Assignments Completed

President, CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO, CIO, COO, CCO, CHRO, CLO, Managing Director, Principal

General Management
Partners, GM, Division President, VP, Executive, Plant Manager Director Safety Director, SVP Manufacturing,

Controller, Treasurer, Director of Finance, Research Analyst, Investment Banker, General Auditor, Division CFO, Head of Tax, Business Area Controllers, Compliance, Back Office

Sales & Marketing
SVP/VP Sales and Marketing, Institutional Sales, Financial Distribution Wholesaler, VP Online Marketing, SVP Digital Marketing, Sales Engineer

Human Resources
SVP/VP HR, Comp & Benefits, Labor Relations, Employee Relations, Organizational Development, Training, VP Talent Management

Professional and Technical
SVP Engineering, EVP Manufacturing, Country General Manager, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Specialist, Change Management