Search Methodology

In every executive search, our primary objectives are to develop and use a definitive position specification and to identify and evaluate only candidates who fit our client’s needs, both technical and cultural. We follow a phased, thorough methodology crafted to the specific needs of each client, to produce superior results.


We meet with our clients to develop a thorough familiarity with the organization and the assignment. We review specific candidate requisites, identifying technical qualities and personal attributes crucial to the individual’s success in the position. We also develop an understanding of the organization’s unique culture.


We research similar, and targeted, industries, markets, environments, and the competition. With the help of our clients, we define target companies and sources who are in a position to know where the most appropriate candidates may be found. We research directories, periodicals, the Internet, and our own data bases in our endeavor to identify the very best talent.


Based on the results from the first two phases, we begin to identify candidates for the position(s) and compile a list of prospects.


We contact potential candidates from the target list, conduct personal and confidential interviews with those who meet the client’s requirements, assess technical qualifications and motivational factors, and evaluate the candidate/client fit. As we are usually attempting to recruit already successful professionals who are not actively involved in a job search, we have a responsibility to “sell” the candidate on the opportunity.


We review all serious candidates with the client and present their profiles in a Candidate Report that details each person’s personal background, professional and technical qualifications, work history, management style, strengths and other personal attributes. We recommend only those candidates who meet the agreed upon criteria and have an expressed interest in the client organization.


Candidates who interest the client are introduced in a confidential meeting at a convenient location.


If the client and the final candidate are mutually interested, and based on a client’s fiduciary responsibility, we recommend using a third-party background/investigative firm to verify a candidate’s personal background, education, technical experience, and career history as they relate to the position.


We counsel and assist with such matters as the compensation package, contractual issues, and other specific details of employment, including relocation. We also are in an ideal position to counsel the candidate and client regarding any counter-offer that may be extended by the candidate’s current employer.


Onboarding is the process of acquiring, accommodating, assimilating and accelerating a new team member, and applies to internal or external talent. Onboarding may be especially valuable for executives transitioning into complex roles because it may be difficult for individuals to uncover personal, organizational and role risks in complicated situations when they do not have some onboarding assistance, but clearly, is a “quick start approach” to the effective integration of a new person into an organization.

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