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Running a company, you want the most talented individuals for your key positions. Those individuals are the top 10% in terms of performance at their current company, or on the “High Potential” list at ANOTHER company. And most notably, they are not looking for a new job. Our recruitment solutions are focused on that talent in the marketplace. These passive candidates usually are the talent everyone is looking for, but find difficult to attract!

With our original research, in-depth position description development, flexible business terms, and understanding of the clients’ culture, we offer two levels of recruitment services through two companies to meet our clients’ needs. The difference between the two main services we offer is as follows:

Standardly above $150,000. 30% of 1st year’s projected compensation with retainers, admin and travel expenses. Flexible based on project.
Exclusive until completed. Multiple firms would be redundant financially and there would be a mixed message in the marketplace. Flexible based on project.
A dedicated team of two associates is assigned to the project until completed. Original targeted research conducted.
Everything is handled in-person with our client and candidates throughout the search process. Travel as necessary to meet with the client and interview potential candidates.
Usually these search assignments are for C-Level, confidential or “difficult to fill” key executive positions.
Since travel is involved, our associates usually recommend 3 to 7 highly qualified, prescreened and ranked candidates to our client within 3 to 6 weeks, depending on client/candidate availability.
We guarantee any individual hired through our assistance for a period of one year, as long as the position does not change. The only charge would be for expenses and any incremental fee involved.
Psychometrics assessments are utilized.
Onboarding services are included and jointly developed with hiring manager.
Typically at the $75,000-$150,000 level. 25% of 1st year’s projected compensation. Flexible based upon project.
Exclusive for 45 days. Having other firms involved sends a mixed message to potential candidates.
One dedicated associate is assigned to the project until benchmarks are met at 15, 30 and 45 days. Original targeted research conducted.
Everything is handled virtually, including client and candidate contact and interviewing. No travel involved, unless requested and paid for by the client.
Typical assignments include senior to mid-level managers or “difficult to fill” positions, to include individual key contributors.
With communication primarily via the telephone, associates strive to have prescreened candidates and résumés to the client within the benchmarks of 15, 30 and 45 days.
We have a replacement guarantee for any individual hired through our assistance for a period of 6 months, as long as the position does not materially change.
We verify educational credentials and conduct professional work references.