Meeting the Challenge of Change

To take advantage of opportunities, organizations invariably face the need to reassess their most valuable resource—people. Having qualified and highly motivated people in senior management is vital. But there often exists a serious shortage of this most critical resource.

“The logical alternative is the independent search consultant already skilled in
executive recruitment.”

Undertaking an executive search is arduous. More and more companies believe their busy executives should not take time away from already demanding schedules to undertake a search. Even if conducted efficiently, an internal search can consume countless hours for top management. More often, the search is neither thorough nor efficient. The logical alternative is the independent search consultant already skilled in executive recruitment.

Columbia Consulting Group has nearly 50 years experience finding the qualified executives to seize the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. We bring to the search process the same sense of urgency which our clients possess in meeting their business objectives.

Our style is to take a highly consultative approach, to look for opportunities to add value well beyond the baseline requirement, and to conduct superior search work. We prefer to work with relatively few, but loyal, clients with whom we can develop collaborative and on-going relationships. We believe that successful search results from a partnership between the client and consultant.

We come from diverse and complimentary backgrounds, and we work together internally to develop the most effective solutions to client needs. Our clients view our breadth of backgrounds as an advantage. Three quarters of our annual business is repeat business—a reflection of the success of our past recruiting efforts for our clients.