Market Mapping & Analysis Consulting

The Columbia Consulting Group’s Analysis is a value added service used by clients prior to commencing a search project. The purpose of the service is to gather and analyze pertinent market data as it pertains to a particular position to increase the chances of success in recruiting the most appropriate candidate. The process begins with interviews of the client’s senior management team who will be responsible for making the hiring decision. Based upon the following steps, Columbia Consulting Group produces a written Analysis.

Known Potential Candidate(s) Review

If the client has already identified potential candidate prospects, we will approach them concerning the position, on a confidential basis, to review the responsibilities and qualifications, and the client’s thought’s regarding cash compensation and equity participation, as well relocation. To the extent that the prospect is willing to express any interest in the role, we attempt to measure that. This type of discussion can at times be awkward for a prospect if the discussion is held with insiders, such as client executives or in-house recruiters. We are able to circumvent a potentially embarrassing for all parties involved.

Interviews with Industry Senior Executives

Telephone interviews are conducted with selected competitors, customers and suppliers, and any other individuals knowledgeable in the industry to gather opinions regarding the ease or difficulty in completing the search based on the parameters provided by the client. Each respondent is asked a pre-established set of questions (developed during senior management interviews). In order to facilitate candid exchange, respondents are immediately assured of anonymity, and that the purpose of the interview is to gather reactions to the potential search, not to recruit them. Nevertheless, in many instances we learn that potential sources express a potential interest in the opportunity should an actual search be undertaken.

An Informational report based upon the Interviews

The Analysis provides critical input relative to a company’s reputation within the defined market population, unless the sensitivity of the search demands total confidentiality. The report includes real-time compensation information based on the position’s parameters, and identifies potential prospects—if they are willing to be so identified–including current competitors with the skills and experience required for the position in question. We make specific recommendations as to the size of the market pool, recommend a course of action and estimate the anticipated time frame for completion of the search assignment. The report also brings to your attention potential problems which might affect the successful completion of the search project, and summarizes recommendations regarding a realistic approach to resolving your search needs.

Our Terms of Business

Our professional fee for the Analysis is $10,000, plus any expenses. If a search assignment is commenced within 30 days of rendering the Analysis, the full $10,000 is credited against the total search fee at the time of hire. Assignments commencing after the 30-day period will be credited with seventy-five percent of the Analysis fee against the total search fee at the time of hire.

Time Considerations

Turnaround time from inception of the Analysis is usually thirty days or less, and therefore can be a valuable and timely decision-making tool. Thus, the Analysis assures that certain critical market conditions and expectations are identified and evaluated before commencing a search assignment.

Our Team

On a typical Analysis, a team consisting of a Managing Director (the search consultant) and a Principal (a research associate) is assigned to the project. The Managing Director will conduct interviews, in-person, of any potential targets for the position during the course of the assignment, in order to ensure a professional approach and to develop rapport should any target become a potential candidate in the subsequent search.