Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion are built into Columbia Consulting Group’s process, not just our Code of Professional Practice.  We value diverse leadership, and identify the most qualified talent by searching and assessing without bias.


When it comes to the subject of proactive diversity and inclusion, Columbia Consulting Group has an excellent track record. Since 1998, when we began tracking this type of data, 25% of our searches have been completed with the engagement of diversity candidates. To accomplish this, we have developed an extensive diverse database of highly qualified individuals with whom we continuously network.

Growing competition in the marketplace has driven organizations to develop marketing strategies that appeal to a diverse range of customers –whether selling a product or recruiting an executive. Their success, particularly in the consumer arena, goes straight to the bottom line. When it comes to recruiting and retaining quality talent, savvy employers no longer believe that a diversity initiative is simply the “right” thing to do; they know it is a business imperative.

The desire for a diverse workforce is a growing challenge. In their quest to find executives who reflect the communities and markets they serve, today’s hiring managers are skillfully leveraging the diversity of their organizations’ talent to increase recruitment success and retention goals, and increase employee morale.

Columbia Consulting Group’s growing Diversity Practice is a direct result of our clients’ recognition of the power of a diverse workforce. In recent years, CCG has been asked to recruit Chief Diversity Officers, as well as executives for consulting firms which specialize in diversity and inclusion. More profound is the growing mandate by our clients to see a diverse slate of candidates. As such, our databases of candidates, referral sources, and organizations which focus on diversity reflects a comprehensive array of relevant resources.

Our policy is to strive to develop a diverse slate of candidates for every search for which we are retained. Columbia Consulting Group regularly interfaces with diversity-focused organizations, such as, the Asian MBA Association, American Women in Government, National Association of Female Executives, American Association of People with Disabilities, National Association of African Americans in Human Resources, the Hispanic MBA Association, the Leadership Forum and a host of other affinity organizations during the course of a search. Our firm recognizes that diversity includes more factors than race, sex, and age – we understand the breadth of diversity elements and the need for all of these elements to be respected and valued as vital to the health of organizations in today’s society.

Overall, Columbia Consulting Group has strong reputation for networking extensively to ensure a diverse pool of candidates is considered for each search engagement.


Columbia Consulting Group is committed to equal employment opportunity. It is our policy not to discriminate against any employee or candidate for employment because of race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, ancestry, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information, or veteran status. This policy, not to discriminate in employment, applies to the internal hiring practices of Columbia Consulting Group and in dealings with our client companies.