Our Search Process & Schedule

Our Search Process GraphicAt Columbia Consulting Group, we believe in finding candidates who are the right technical and cultural fit based on the specifications of our clients. While we understand this takes time and want to ensure we find the best individuals for your needs, we also believe in the efficiency and timeliness of our processes, because we are committed to finding you the talented candidates you need, when you need them.

We estimate that a typical comprehensive search should take between 90 and 120 days. We have outlined a detailed schedule that allows us to stay on point and find you the right candidates for your position with little to no delays.

Our processes are as follows:

90 To 120 Day Timetable

Information and Specifications (Week one)

  • Acquire background information and data on the client company.
    History, goals and objectives, business strategies, organization, profile of key executives, programs and problems.
  • Develop position profile using the Position Information Form.
    (A draft, containing specific responsibilities and duties, basic role, internal relationships, is enclosed in this proposal.)
  • Define candidate specifications.
    (Professional and personal qualifications)

Development of Candidates (Weeks two through five)

  • Research to determine parameters of the search, i.e., where the candidate can logically be
  • Establish/update contacts and sources of candidates.
    (Selected referrals, prior personal contacts in the industry, confidential calls to prospective candidates).
  • Progress review meeting with client representatives.
  • Evaluate candidates.
    This process will be conducted through personal interviews, and comparative analysis of backgrounds and experience.
  • Recommend selected candidates.
    Client will be provided with a written report/assessment for each candidate.

Evaluation Counsel (Weeks six through twelve)

  • Assist the client in deliberation as requested.
  • Provide counsel and serve as intermediary on final negotiations with candidate as requested by client.
  • Inform unsuccessful candidates that the search has been successfully concluded.

Onboarding (After start date)

  • As part of our service, we would work with the client HR or designated representative to establish an onboarding program to enable the successful candidate accelerate their productivity.