Executive Search Services

Columbia Consulting Group has been providing clients with the knowledge and advice they need to make informed senior leadership decisions for more than 40 years. Through our services, we work in partnership with a range of global clients to identify, assess and recruit senior executives.

We help to find the best people, build successful teams and generate value for shareholders through the recruitment of top talent. We find exceptional leaders who are in tune with our client’s markets and culture. There are excellent candidates across the world, but in this complex environment, only a few will truly be the right “fit” for the strategic direction of our clients.

Every time our consultants take on a search assignment, we are making a commitment to be available – in terms of both intellectual engagement and time.  We provide an honest assessment of the talent and the client’s marketplace.  And, no matter how challenging the assignment, we will deliver the results we have promised, staying with the project until it is completed.

Below are some helpful resources for executing a search:

Market Mapping Consulting

Market Mapping Services are for existing or prospective clients that want to assess the marketplace for talent and current compensation levels prior to initiating a retained search. For an overview of the service and the terms of business please click here.

Onboarding Services

Because ultimately our goal is to further our clients’ business objectives through talent, we are vested in the new executive’s successful transition after hire.  To that end, we offer Onboarding Services on all of our active searches at no charge, for the purpose of accommodating, assimilating and accelerating a new team member within the organization. When not conducting a search, we offer fee-based Onboarding Services to our clients who are adding a new executive to the team or promoting an internal candidate. For details, please click here.