The best executives recognize business potential and help organizations realize it

A good idea can only carry a business so far. Organizations must be led by management who can ensure ideas are properly developed. Often, fulfilling this need requires finding those who aren't afraid to step up to the plate and foster business development and growth, because in many cases, getting an idea off the ground can be a tremendous challenge. 

The right manager embraces that challenge and strives to make the most out of their ideas. They gather the right personnel and get the most out of them to help ideas transform into profitable companies. Andria Vidler is not afraid of the challenge. The record executive has been involved in the launch of a number of companies in the music industry. The secret to her success? Finding organizations that she describes as "sleeping giants" with a ton of potential.

Vidler shared one experience with The Guardian. Last November, she joined the executive team at Centaur Media, a business information organization that owns several trade magazine and other publications. It was a bit of a different environment than working in the music industry, but the company had one key element that drew her to it: untapped potential. When asked why she took a different path than her previous ventures, like Magic FM, a popular music service, she reminded the news source that she helped some of her more illustrious former organizations realize their potential and earn their lofty reputation.

"Magic wasn't sexy when I walked in and EMI was seen as a poison chalice when I started," she said. "I like taking on sleeping giants or businesses with real potential. Letting them make the most of themselves. You walk into businesses that are less sexy and you leave them looking much sexier." 

In many cases, when executives take over their position at a particular organization, it isn't about the company's current status, but about its potential. Smart executives know how to recognize opportunities for improvement and growth, but they also possess the skills and help foster that development. They help ideas develop and turn into profitable organizations.

If you should go through executive turnover at your organization, those who recognize your potential will ultimately prove to be more successful leaders in your business. Working with an executive and senior management search firm will help identify the right people who possess these skills and knowledge.