What sets the great CEOs apart from the rest?

When it come to leadership, there's a lot that CEOs must manage, and as such, the job is not for just anyone. But what qualities do effective CEOs possess that set them apart from the pack?

In today's business environment, conditions are constantly shifting and changing, making it essential for business leaders to be able to adapt to a landscape that is always in flux. This type of environment can be stress-inducing, making it even more important to select a resilient leader to head your organization.

An article from the Harvard Business Review discusses essential traits that CEOs must possess. The author, Justin Menkes​, and his colleagues analyzed data from 200 candidates being considered for CEO positions and discovered that the most successful ones were all in possession of a set of traits that set them apart from the rest.

Notably, the researchers found that the best CEOs were able to be optimistic, while also being realistic. Striving for big goals may display ambition, but it is important to know where to draw the line between what would be ideal to achieve, and what's actually possible for the company at a given time.

But perhaps most significantly, the research showed that there was a connection between the role these CEOs occupied and a sense of it playing a profound role in their lives. This meant that they were driven by the pursuit of their professional goal because it carried meaning for them. 

With the rapid pace at which technology and the economy continue to evolve, having a skilled and stable executive with a high level of commitment to your company's purpose could make or break your business. An executive search firm can help you find the qualified candidates you need to take your executive leadership to the next level.