Part-time executives an emerging business trend

When you think of the standard executive, you think of an 80-hour work week. The average executive is someone who spends day and night in the office and assumes the role of the face of the company. While that has traditionally been the case, and these qualities can still apply to modern executives, times are changing. In fact, according to an article in Recruiting Trends, one of the biggest trends in business is the part-time executive.

It may sound like a part-time boss wouldn't be an effective leader, but that might not be true.Those who spend limited time in the office are forced to be more efficient with their time and their communication with their employees. This could result in less micro management and could be better for the company as a whole. Additionally, executives and other senior managers who show they can balance a work and home life may have the makeup of a more effective leader.

Lea Paterson of Bank of England spoke with the news source about the types of companies that could use a part-time executive and the benefits of using one. Paterson stressed the importance of having a leader who can delegate responsibilities and instill the confidence and skill in their employees to get the job done. 

"To be a good boss you need to be able to delegate, to recruit good staff, and to trust them to get on and do the work without checking on them every minute," Patterson said. "When you're part-time, you're forced to do this anyway."

Businesses that hire this type of executive or manager still must ensure they are qualified to do the job required of them. Working with a search firm can help companies find the best candidates to fill executive and senior management positions.