How committed are your executives?

The days of the traditional 9-5 job are all but over in a world of constant connection and rocky economic landscapes. Many businesses operate outside normal hours to ensure they do not lose their competitive edge, mainly because they have the means to do it. Smart companies leverage their technologies to go above and beyond in terms of productivity and customer service. As such, the hours worked by those in charge of their respective organizations typically exceed the average work day.

A Forbes India article recently addressed the idea of the complete executive. The piece states that top performing executives possess the commitment to their jobs exhibited by someone who is willing to work long hours to ensure the job gets done. Michael Wade, the article's author, says the best executives put the performance of the company above all else and, as a result, are always available to address an issue that could potentially hinder that performance.

"Being a top executive nowadays is more than a full-time job. It requires total dedication and commitment in the relentless pursuit of organizational performance," Wade writes. "The information gap between the time an event occurs and when a company is required to act on it has almost completely disappeared. Today's top executive lives in an always-on world, with constant demands for his or her attention."

Of course, a smart executive will possess the time management skills to get the job done while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, but the need for a strong commitment is of high importance. Customer expectations are higher than ever, which means your organization's response must keep up. Working with an executive and senior manager search firm will help companies find individuals who understand this.