Heinz Otto Georg

Heinz-Otto Georg joined Columbia Consulting Group as Managing Director, bringing his diverse background, a deep understanding of industrial manufacturing, and significant experience consulting to large/midcap to start-up subsidiaries in a number of countries worldwide. His distinguished career spans more than 25 years in executive and management positions.

Heinz’s main focus is providing consulting services to German, Austrian and Swiss companies in finding executive or management leadership talent for their North American subsidiaries. Additionally, he offers the same expertise to North American companies for existing or start-up subsidiaries in German speaking countries in Europe and worldwide.

Prior to joining CCG, Heinz held senior positions at several top global executive search firms.

Heinz early corporate career was with HGM Maschinenfabrik GmbH, a leading machine manufacturer for the steel, aluminum, and electrical industry. Throughout his tenure, Heinz was responsible for the sales, marketing, and management functions for the firm, as well as establishing and managing subsidiaries in various countries. Hiring executives has always been his unique forte.

International experience includes managing HGM Maschinenfabrik’s subsidiaries in North and South America, as well as the East European and Indian markets. Through his work with other industrial firms, Heinz expanded his global expertise to include Asia. He is fluent in both German (native) and English.

Heinz studied at the University of Giessen and Bonn and holds a legal degree from the University of Bonn Law School, Germany. He is licensed by the Department of Justice in Duesseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalia, to practice law in Germany, and has held legal positions within both the private and government sectors.

What do you enjoy most about the search industry?
“Meeting many people on different levels in many different industries. In our industry, we just do not meet people, but by interviewing them, we learn much about their personality and things that are important to them. We are also frequently introduced to many different industries. This requires learning and coming to understand the specifics of each of these industries and markets, which keeps things interesting.”
When you are not working, what do you?
“When I am not traveling, I enjoy spending time jogging, watching German soccer (Schalke 04), reading (mostly history and political literature), and hiking Bavaria’s mountains.”