Your business leaders must be innovators

Innovation is the key driver of success in the business realm, particularly in 2014. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, businesses that showcase their ability to innovate and find new ways to enrich the lives of their customers will ultimately stand out from the crowd. Heading any initiative must be the executives and senior managers, who have to lead by example and inspire their employees to flex their creative muscles. 

Steve Jobs had very little to do with the technical construction of Apple's computers, smartphones, MP3 players or tablets. However, his vision and his passion to create what would ultimately become Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPads are what pushed Apple to become one of the most successful and profitable companies of all time. Your managers likely won't know the inner-workings of your products and services as well as those who are on the front lines of development, sales and service, but they will certainly be expected to lead any initiatives that result in the creation of innovative projects. 

Successful managers understand their role as well. They purposely hire people who they often will admit are smarter than they are. They will bring on people who can make their dreams a reality.

Facilitating this requires a special skill. Executives and senior managers must know how to convey their thoughts regarding innovation to their teams in a way that can ensure the most effective work is ultimately done. 

When searching for a new executive or senior manager, make sure you not only find a strong leader, but that you identify an innovative mind who can inspire his or her team to achieve greater success. Working with an executive search firm can help with this process.