Are your leaders emotionally intelligent?

The success of an organization depends in large part on the effectiveness of its leaders. Leadership and management must be able to foster a positive working environment in order to create a company culture that produces results. 

However, this does not always occur as planned, as some leaders may have a style or personality that does not contribute to building a strong company culture, and can end up leading an organization down the wrong path.

Toxic workplaces mean unhappy employees. It can breed mistrust and create an environment where favoritism, passive aggressive communication and other poor behaviors are the norm. For this reason, choosing the executive that is right for the position is crucial, as leadership that fosters negativity can lead employees to become cynical and may even result in turnover. 

Just because a candidate for executive leadership is highly intelligent and skilled, does not mean that this person will make a great leader. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, effective leaders may have different leadership styles but one thing they possess that makes them truly effective is emotional intelligence. 

As the article details, intelligence and technical skills are important, but when it came to evaluating the factors that companies look for in a leader, Daniel Goleman, author of "Emotional Intelligence," found that emotional intelligence was twice as important than IQ and technical skills, for "jobs at all levels."

Being able to identify crucial leadership skills like emotional intelligence is key to finding the top talent that is the right fit for your organization. A professional executive search firm can help you find the talent that will achieve the results that will lead your organization to the next level of success.