What makes a successful executive? Decisiveness

The success of your newly-hired executives can make or break your organization's long-term viability. When evaluating potential candidates for leadership positions, there are a number of qualities to look for. The Wall Street Journal lists four in particular, and decisiveness is at the top of the list.

A decisive executive knows that decisions must be made quickly and they stand behind their actions. Indecisiveness can cause an executive or manager to question themselves, which leads to an even worse outcome — losing trust in their employees. If workers don't believe their leaders are confident in their decision-making, they will automatically question every action or command.

Decisiveness not only displays confidence, it shows the executive or senior manager has the vision the company needs to move forcefully in the right direction. Their decisions are carefully calculated and are therefore more effective.

Bruce Nolop, the article's author, says this is a required skill in an evolving business environment. Those who can't make firm decisions quickly will fall behind a changing corporate landscape. 

"Great executives know where they want to go. Arriving at their decisions through analysis or intuition, they effectively communicate their objectives and get everyone to unite around a shared vision. In an increasingly demanding and constantly changing business environment, the price of indecision is simply too costly to bear."

Decisiveness is an intangible skill that may require a thorough review to identify. Working with an executive and senior management search firm will allow organizations to determine who possesses this capability and who will lead the organization to a successful future.